Ice Cold Coconuts – Caye Caulker 17-20/8/17

Caye Caulker's moto is GO SLOW. So we did. We didn't stroll round the island, we didn't even mooch. We shuffled. Chatting away to everyone selling their wares along the way. Sipping on ice cold coconuts in the day and homemade rum punch in the evenings. Stopping to catch up with friends heading the other... Continue Reading →

Sunning in San Pedro 16-17/08/17

We only spent one night in the extremely touristy spot of San Pedro which was filled with people rushing around in golf carts. We used our time wisely and spent most of it lying on the beach or splashing in the pool. During a town wide black out we explored the shops for local produce.... Continue Reading →

Chilling in Corozal 13-16/08/17

Corozal is a super sleepy town! After a hectic first week we were due for some downtime with three days of mooching, shopping, eating and rum drinking. We had unfortunately just missed a large fiesta in town so the locals were quietly recovering. Our bnb was run by the lovely Rosita who cooked us a... Continue Reading →

Chichen Itza with Chums 12/08/17

Road trip to Chichin Itza! We spent the day out with Sophie and Sergio and had an ace time. We made a brief pit stop at Valladolid, a pretty Colonial town with an impressive church in the central plaza where we saw two people getting married. By the time we got to the ruins it... Continue Reading →

Belizean beans

Ingredients: 500g Beans 1/2 Large White Onion 5 Garlic Cloves Dried Oregano Habenero Hot Sauce Coconut Water and Flesh Method: Sort through you beans of choice (I use Crab Eye Beans) and remove any stones, wrinkled or damaged beans. Cover them in water and leave them to soak over night. Rinse the beans and put... Continue Reading →

Tacos and Tequila 11/08/17

Time for a morning to spend languidly by the pool, practicing our spanish getting a little bit burnt for the first time. Eventually hunger drew us back into town, where we had the biggest fail of our culinary lives. We made our way over to a little taco cafe that we'd been eyeing up for... Continue Reading →

Rambles with Rambutans 09/08/17

Today we spent the day exploring the real Tulum and doing our best to avoid the main tourist strip. There was a lot of cycling round it's suburbs and the shanty towns. Andy bought some rambutans off a local seller which made her SO HAPPY while Matty sat there are had a mild illegic reaction... Continue Reading →

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