2nd Wedding Anniversary at Belize Zoo 24/09/17

We stayed in a cabana next to an American themed diner called Cheers just outside of Belize Zoo. I had dropped the owners a note that it was our anniversary and the maid very sweetly made us an elephant out of the towels with a rose as a treat. Oh and we also got free breakfasts!

From the restaurant we sat there, drinking chilled white wine (that the flies loved to go swimming in) and watched a host of different birds come visit the feeders and pond. The hummingbirds and parrots were particular favourites. In the evening click beetles would come out and we entertained ourselves by guessing where their pulsing light would appear next.


The zoo itself was great fun. We almost felt like we had the place to ourselves when suddenly we were surrounded by a load of British soldiers! It turns out there’s a base nearby and they were all out on a day trip.


All the animals in the zoo are either rescue or semi-tamed. The history of the zoo is pretty interesting, it was set up after a documentary film was made locally in the 1970’s. Unfortunately a lot of the animals featured in the film were semi-tamed during the production and could not survive in the wild afterwards. So the zoo was created as a sanctuary, trying to offer the animals as close to their real life habitation as possible. I personally fell in love with the Harpy Eagle and found the crocodiles and alligators absolutely terrifying! It was great to see Belize’s national bird the Horn Billed Toucan as well.

Back to the hotel for another romantic meal and another crisp white wine. We then celebrated the night by dancing to music and playing card games in our cabana. We ended the evening sitting outside watching a thunder storm and even managed to capture a lightening strike on camera!

Wildlife Notes:

Vermilion Flycatcher

Red lored parrots

Loads of humming birds

Plain chacalacas

Click Beatles

Great tinamou

Small dusky blue birds in the tree

Golden Olive Woodpecker

Brown Jay


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