A Storm in a Teacup: Belize City 20-23/08/17

We left Caye caulker earlier than planned because of hurricain warnings. Luckily for Belize another tropical storm knocked it off course and broke it up. Unluckily for Texas it reformed and wouldn’t move on. But before any of that happened we had already fled the island and booked a flat in the city.


The whole stay was luxury. The owner left us pastries for the morning, we had a fully working stove and oven and aircon in every room. We even managed to make a real cup of tea (by brewing it in a heated coffee pot overnight)

The one day we venturednout into town we found a lovely restaurant by the water where we sat on the edge of a storm for 2 hours. Otherwise the rest of our time was spent in the flat cooking and watching a mixture of American sport and local news on the telly.

We made bread rolls, tomato pasta, garlic bread, energy bars, salsa, corn tortilla chips and red snapper with garlic and lime. It was just so good being back in a a real kitchen again!

Wildlife notes:

Little blue heron

Mud crabs

Pelicans divebombing

Hundreds of feral rock pigeons

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