Colombian Curry

roast 2 plantain halved onion, red pepper, chilli and parsley stalks fried in oil scoop out plantain and add to pan, pour in coconut milk. once cooked through a little blend and return to pan fry shrimp with parsley leaves in other pan. add together. serve with rice and patacones

Tikal A Mockingbird: Flores

Our arrival into Guatemala and the Northern town of Flores was dramatic to say the least. We entered the town in a raging storm! The rain would soak you to the bones in seconds and the lightning crackled endlessly through the night sky. As we took shelter in a central hostel we immediately made friends... Continue Reading →

ATM Caves

The ATM Caves are one of the most significant spiritual historical sites in the world. Through the caves you follow the paths of the ancient Maya and throuh incredible preservation of the ritual artifacts you can see a detailed history of their past. Sadly no one is allowed to bring cameras or filming equipment into... Continue Reading →

Feasting with Friends – San Ignacio

This was our last town in Belize and we definitely packed it all in. San Ignacio is one the western edge of Belize and is a hotspot for more adventure sport driven backpackers. This resulted in us hanging out with loads of different couples having dinner, drinks and doing local activities. The afternoon we arrived... Continue Reading →

The Sunken Crocodile, Lamanai

To get to the ancient Mayan city of Lamanai you can take a boat all the way along the river from Orange Walk. Our guide/captain for the day slowed or stopped by the shore at several sections along the way to show us loads of the surrounding wildlife. He explained how the locals called one... Continue Reading →

Finding Dory: A Snorkelling Tale

We had been recommended Raggamuffin Tours by people far and wide so we booked ourselves in to a half day snorkling tour. We started the day at the tarpon viewing platform. Swimming round a little wooden jetty are two dozen huge fish, around one metre long. It's then we were informed that these were all... Continue Reading →

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